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After school pick up

Can't pick you child up after school?

Want your child to do martial arts but don't have the time after school?


Currently we pick up from the following schools in Arlington, TX

Summit International Prep, Jones Elementary, Arlington Classics Academy, Williams Elementary, Cory Academy

If you don't see your school listed please give us a call. We are adding new schools to pick up from!

Our program picks up from school, transports to our facility, kids start on homework and get ready for martial arts class. *Tutoring is available upon request at an additional cost. Pick up is from 5:45pm-6pm after 1st class and 6:30 - 6:45pm after 2nd class. Extended care is available upon request at $5/day.

Our pick up program does not include school holidays or days off. We offer day camps for holidays, spring break, winter break and summer camp. WE FOLLOW THE AISD SCHOOL CALENDAR.

We are a BLACK BELT school, as such, our program has a progressive curriculum in which students move up in rank according to their own individual ability and retention. Students are required to learn all testing requirements and earn achievement stripes before testing for their next belt. That gives the student and parent a better way to measure progress.

Let us develop you child to become confident, strong mentally, physically and emotionally while having fun in a safe bully proof environment. 

registration packet

Enroll by clicking the box above "ENROLL HERE", HOLD YOUR SPOT and send back the registration packet below to farfanstkd@gmail.com . We will contact you directly to confirm your enrollment. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO QUALIFY. Please download the Assistance package.